Monday, May 19, 2008

Today's mail ............ Thank you, Dot

Look what today's mail brought me.
These lovely dolls arrived all the way from Dot in Australia. The gorgeous icicle doll on the left is Dot's to me in a one on one trade --- and the fantastic stacking doll on the right accompanied the icicle doll as a gift from Dot. I have admired these darling dolls since I saw the first one she made posted on her blog. And now, can you believe, Dot has sent me one of my own? Thank you, thank you, Dot --- they shall always be cherished.


The Lone Beader said...

The blue doll is really cute! Dot is a sweetheart! :D

Dot said...

So happy you like the icicle doll I made for you and the Russian nesting dolls (you know I LOVED making them for you).

Much love to you my special friend.

Dot xoxo

P.S I adore your bowl of art dolls - and smiled when I noticed one of my Amelia's and Dotee's in there!

Pat Winter said...

Your new dolls are wonderful. I love your bowl of dolls in your header.

pam T said...

Jackie - adorable!!! Love your beading and your blog! Just sent you the confirmation for the 2008 Bead Journal Project and had to check out your site... looking forward to see what you create for the 2008 BJP!

Donetta said...

The blue one make me think of a story doll. I love the consept.

Barbara said...

These dolls are so cute. What a nice gift from a special friend.

Noel said...

Jackie, I love Dot's dolls. The blue stacking doll is my favorite. I loved them the first time on saw them on her blog too!
You deserve these beautiful blessings my friend!!!


Maggie R said...

These dolls are wonderful. I am like Noel, I love the stacking doll. Lucky you ;-}