Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hat Stand arrived

August 16, 2011
My very fun ceramic hat stand arrived today.
Will try for a better photo tomorrow when I have more time, but 
had to share the fun with you:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I picked up Meg's and my hats today...

August 11, 2011
Well, here they are --- and I love them --- Meg's is such a beautiful rich brown and mine a lovely black. What great hats these are --- I must admit my Black Dog tee shirt doesn't exactly match the elegance of the hat, but it was hot today --- and I am anxious to show you how lovely they turned out. Anyone in the Elgin area wanting to take a class with Jill send me an email  
(or email Jill).  I want to do another one it was so much fun.
(Click photos to enlarge)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rivendell Alpaca farm -- Wet felting hats class

What a wonderful day.

A visit with the alpacas, a delightful gourmet lunch prepared by Gordon, and then down to the business of making our felt hats from the wool of the alpaca.  Anyone wanting to spend a very special day learning to wet felt a hat  contact Jill at Rivendell Alpaca Farm.  Jill is delightful, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.  One of the best classes I have taken. My niece, Meg, was able to take the class with me and it was wonderful spending the day with her.  Jan was the third student and what a delightful lady.  I will post a few photos -- for the most part, I was having far too good a time "visiting" the Alpaca (and one guardian Llama), eating a wonderful lunch, and up to my elbows in soap suds to do much picture taking -- the hats are drying and as soon as possible, I will post photos of the finished pieces.

I must say, not every one has a hat made with fur of an animal they have "met".  Meg's hat is from Cecile (she is the close up photo of the brown alpaca) and mine from Boris (close up photo of the black alpaca).  What fun.

Thanks to Jill and Gordon, Meg, Jan and Mother Nature for a perfect day.