Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hitty Grace Carver Identified & Dress Fitting

WOW - I am so happy - first, I decided the dress I am knitting in the Knit A Long needed a fitting and am so happy to see this should fit this doll very well --- and, second found her makers signature when I removed her clothing. I can't believe 11 years have slipped by so fast. My Hittys have been packed away far too long and now every day is a new discovery with them. They have forgiven me and understand life gets in the way sometimes. Even good ways.
She is marked on her right thigh:
G & C Lehmer
01/01 #34

Meet Hitty Grace

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Knit A Long for Hitty

On one of the Travel Doll (Hitty) sites, there is an ongoing Knit A Long for a charming dress for Hitty.  The pattern is from a very old Workbasket Magazine.  Fun to do, and when doing in a Knit A Long, the incentive is always there to finish.  Here is a picture of Hitty Grace helping out with the dress. If you are interested in the travel doll, go to THIS SITE (Click here).  

Hitty Grace is one of five sisters hoping for their very own knit dress.
The sisters are, Hitty Minnie, Hitty Grace, Hitty Emma, Hitty Tillie and Hitty Marie.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steph's  visit from California prompted two musical get togethers
On Sunday there were 14 of us (plus Munchkin and Daisy)

Amy kindly made her wonderful soup, Lisa the salad, Sharry brought Aunt Marilyn cookies and we all brought love and happiness.

On Wednesday there were 6 more to add to the musical mix
These impromptu get togethers make the best memories of all.

On Thursday we drove to Chicago to meet with Amy for dinner and the theater.
We had a delightful meal at Mity Nice at Water Tower Place and then to 
the theater there to see the musical production of "I Love Lucy".  What fun that was.  Even my Little Hitty went with,Since there are no photos allowed inside the theater, she hid in my purse and had her photo taken later with the PlayBill.  
It was such a lovely evening with my two daughters.  
Bill joined us for dinner and then enjoyed the City while we enjoyed the play.