Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Day Brightener ....

Here is the lovely pin cushion made for me by my niece, Cindy.
I love all things "sewing" and this beautiful pincushion is especially loved because it was made for me by Cindy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Brighteners.... :-)

I have been a bit "under the weather" for a while -- so you can imagine how my spirits were uplifted when the mail man brought these wonderful, thoughtful gifts ---


A beautiful little doll from Lynn -- doesn't she look like she is running to give a hug? And if you look closely at her head, you will see all the ideas just waiting to be done. What a charmer -- she stands next to my computer where I smile at her very often thru each day.

these fantastic wrist warmer/cuffs. Linda created these and they look so charming coming out the sleeves of a coat -- they make you feel feminine even during the cold dreary days of winter.

This little sewing bag with charming doll scissor fob came from Cynthia -- it was from the Pay it Forward that was going around last year. I did not remember it was coming -- so was all the more of a surprise. Thanks, Cynthia -- I use it every day and love it.

Thank you Lynn, Linda and Cynthia -- very much.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Little Steps For February.....

Life has had me rather tied up the last few seeks -- and for a couple more weeks to come -- but I did get to knit a couple more dishcloths -- it is nice because the project is easily portable, reasonable quick to finish and very satisfying.

Early February brings a couple more dishcloths. The "Kiss Me" one is part of the monthly dishcloth group knit a long.  The multi colored one is just because the vibrant colors bring rays of light on glum, dreary, winter days -- and it was fun to do.