Saturday, March 31, 2012

Einstein coat getting there.....

Shouldn't be too much longer until I get the Einstein Coat finished.
Right now is is a little shorter than I wanted, but the weight of the coat will add 
at least a couple more inches in length to the coat in no time at all.
Now to find buttons, add the collar and seam the sleeves. This is one of those items that 
photos don't do justice to.  It is really pretty nice and I love the tweedy look.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delightful gift.... crafted tote bag

Click on the photos to enlarge - then you can see the stitching

Just have to share photos of the delightful gift I received today.
This charming tote bag is made from old magazine pages sewn into the tote you see.
Lisa, my niece, made this one for me --- and see how personal she made it.
This side shows a sweater -- with felted pins on it. (I presume this was from an article on 
how to make felted pins from old sweaters).  The lovely matching pin attached to the handle was made by another talented niece, Lisa's sister Cindy.
The reverse of the bag is so appropriate -- socks in progress and part of an article written by Rachael Herron, a knitter and 911 dispatcher entitled:  Life's A Stitch -- it begins like this:
"When you deal with life-or-death situations every day, two needles and a ball of yarn have a way of providing the comfort you you crave".  I would like to read the whole article -- the part I can read is very touching.  Will check it out online or at the library -- Ladie's Home Journal, 
September 2011. The two ends are also "Aunt Jackie" directed. 
Lisa and Cindy -- you made my day. Thank you both so very much. I love it.
Just went on a search for the article and found a wonderful audio of it.
Click this link to hear the article.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love these

It has been several months since I have regularly posted to this blog.  I just had to share these delightful yarn bowls with you.  They really work very well. Enjoy.

A few weeks ago I purchased a lovely yarn bowl at Sister Arts Studio in Chicago the bowls were potted by  Todd Pletcher Pottery. Love the piece and also how wonderfully it works in gently allowing the yarn to flow from the ball in the bowl to the clicking needles.

My next trip to Chicago I picked one up for a friend as she wants it as a gift for her daughter in law. I think I will keep the bluer one for myself.

Then I came across this beautiful one made by KIM BERGER for sale on Etsy. "Had" to have it. Oh, oh, I feel a new collection starting.