Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bailey's Angel

This is a photo of our beautiful Bailey. My dear friend, Patti, sent me the lovely little statue of an angel holding a chocolate Lab. Each time I look at it and the photo I feel better thinking that our Bailey is chumming around in Heaven with the angels and making little boy angels smile. Thank you, Patti, it is perfect.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Buck a Tube Beads

Last week I was sitting the grandsons in Chicago and had the opportunity to make a quick trip to my favorite bead shop in the City. I was fortunate that there was still one basket of lovely beads at one dollar a tube. You can see my $1 a tube purchases lined up in the center row. On top, some small beads (stars and triangles in this case) that I am always looking for -- a beautiful Moss Agate Leaf and a Fluorite Leaf. The bottom row has a tube of Light Blue Ceylon #6 Miyuki seed beads --the top and bottom row were not on sale, darn. Now all is need is time to put these beauties to use LOL.

Friday, November 17, 2006

My First Spirit Doll and the one I hope to do soon......

In July I posted the following about my first Spirit doll. I made this one for a friend who had lost her dog.

I am planning on one for myself -- it is for Bailey (photo to the left) the chocolate Lab we lost a month ago. I couldn't do it at first -- but now I want a special remembrance of her that I can look at and touch besides the memories always in my heart -- so, it will be created with material from the last scarf she had around her neck, the inside will contain a small pouch with some of her lovely fur in -- and the other symbols will come as I work on it. One thing will be the tag from her collar -- anyway, below is the photo and description of my first Spirit Doll.

~~~~~~~From July 2006~~~~~~~
My First Spirit Doll

A dear friend just lost her wonderful dog of 14 years. Patti and her dog, Emma Rose - a bloodhound, were part of the Illinois/Wisconsin Search and Rescue team.I wanted to give Patti something to help ease her pain and still remember Emma Rose. I had been reading different beading books and had just received Robin Atkins lovely little Spirit Dolls book. It seemed the perfect thing to give my friend. The green and yellow side convey my wish that Emma Rose will find only green grass and sunshine to romp in at her pleasure. The bead heart on this side -- to heal Patti's heart from her loss. The rainbow material on the other side, along with the multi-colored beads are a rainbow for Emma Rose. The charms are specially chosen" An angel to be with Patti and Emma, A bone -- for no dog should be without a bone, a rose so that the scents Emma Rose follows now are all Heavenly.
The heart charm on the rainbow side is for the friendship Patti and I have shared for over 60 years.

Patti with Emma Rose (left) and Josie Wales (right).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wonderful Bead Sale

Yesterday I drove into Chicago -- a drive that normally takes 40-45 minutes -- it took over 2 hours yesterday. Don't know where all the traffic came from -- even on a "bad" day it has never taken more than 1 1/2 hours. I went in to "sit" with 4 young grandsons. At one point during the day DD and I had just the youngest boy and so we stopped at a bead shop near her home that I have wanted to go to for ages --- well, the Gods were with me -- not only did we find a parking place but the shop was having a sale on colors they were no longer going to carry. I had very few tiny beads and well, there were literally baskets of size 15 -- all at $1.00 a tube. I picked out 21 of the colors I might want and not find later on -- so, I was in Heaven. If you notice, in the upper left corner there are tubes of "Salt and Pepper" which will be a great addition when I get to working on my "Black and White" piece. Also purchased a couple cabs and some nymo thread. The drive home took 40 minutes -- think I was floating on the clouds LOL. (Did get a few #11 beads while I was there too).

2 UFO's

Here are two of my UFO's. Once we get the painting done (3 rooms-2 hallways) I can have my beading corner set up again and get these two finished.