Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet Monique

Meet Monique ~ the wonderful little bundle of joy that came to live with me today. Monique was created by the hands of Dot, creator of the wonderful Dotee Dolls. I was fortunate to do a one-on-one swap with Dot and my little Monique from her arrived today -- on the eve of my birthday -- now how special can that be? Well, very special!! From the moment I took her from the package and held her in my hands, I knew at once the love that was put into her -- isn't it something how you just feel special things by just holding a doll? I really love this little doll and will try to get a better photo of her -- right now, I am just going to give her a gentle squeeze. Thank you, Dot -- Monique is special -- as are you. And thank you for sharing your tutorial for your sweet Dotee Doll.
Now that she has arrived safely in Australia, I can post the photo of the Dotee Doll I made in a one-on-one swap with her (below). Inside her body is a slip of paper with my special prayers/wishes/blessings for Dot. What w fun swap this was -- thank you, Dot. I adore Monique.

Just as an aside, I was recently in a "Dotee Doll" swap on F.A.T. (Fiber Art Traders) and there were approximately 34 participants and 109 Dotee Dolls were traded. What a fun exchange that was -- I'll post photos of the dolls I receive when they arrive here in Illinois.

Once again, thank you Dot. Monique will always hold a special place in my heart.

Monday, November 12, 2007

CQ Spirit of Friendship Doll

Just finished my little Spirit of Friendship Crazy Quilt doll for our CQI swap. She was fun to do and I hope will be happy in her new home.


Wish the photo did justice to these charming dolls

Click on photo to enlarge

Monday, November 05, 2007

~~~~~~~~~ No Beading, No CQ, No Stitching ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ But What a Wonderful Weekend ~~~~~~~~~

This past weekend no beading, no CQ, no items for FAT or BAD -- but what a wonderful weekend it was.We spent the weekend with our friends in central Illinois on their farm --the colors were still somewhat intact there --thought you'd enjoy them.

We were able to take our grandson, Drew, with us as he had Thursday off school. He was gone from sun up to sun down playing with the dog, walking the grounds and just having a wonderful time. He was also able to drive a tractor and help load and unload dirt.

The pig belongs to a tenant on the farm -- it is a "pet" and they take it for walks, it has it's own tire swing and is a big (over 400 pound) spoiled baby. Also has a fantastic "house of straw" made for him. Guess no one has told him the story of the 3 Little Pigs and what happened to the 'house of straw".