Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer Shawl Crochet Class

Yesterday I finished giving  the second crochet class at one of our local hospitals.  What a great way to spend an afternoon -- we had 10 at the first class and 12 at the second.  I am so looking forward to seeing the completed prayer shawls these wonderful woman are creating.  These all will be for distribution to patients and family of patients -- this particular class was made up of women donating their time for the comfort and pleasure of others -- what a wonderful group of people.  My friend since kindergarten ( for those of you counting, LOL, that is 70 years since kindergarten) Barb and I work well together and the classes really went quite well.  Hope to post photos of the ladies completed shawls in the coming month. We have received donations of yarn -- we use the Lion Brand Homespun yarn -- and each shawl takes 3 skeins so yarn donations are appreciated -- another woman who had received a shawl for comfort when her husband passed away -- gave a large cash donation to purchase yarn so others could share the wonderful experience of feeling a warm, soft, comforting -- shawl -- each shawl is made with so much love and a prayer that who ever receives it will be comforted just feeling the shawl wrapped around their shoulders. 

Jackie and Barb