Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet Monique

Meet Monique ~ the wonderful little bundle of joy that came to live with me today. Monique was created by the hands of Dot, creator of the wonderful Dotee Dolls. I was fortunate to do a one-on-one swap with Dot and my little Monique from her arrived today -- on the eve of my birthday -- now how special can that be? Well, very special!! From the moment I took her from the package and held her in my hands, I knew at once the love that was put into her -- isn't it something how you just feel special things by just holding a doll? I really love this little doll and will try to get a better photo of her -- right now, I am just going to give her a gentle squeeze. Thank you, Dot -- Monique is special -- as are you. And thank you for sharing your tutorial for your sweet Dotee Doll.
Now that she has arrived safely in Australia, I can post the photo of the Dotee Doll I made in a one-on-one swap with her (below). Inside her body is a slip of paper with my special prayers/wishes/blessings for Dot. What w fun swap this was -- thank you, Dot. I adore Monique.

Just as an aside, I was recently in a "Dotee Doll" swap on F.A.T. (Fiber Art Traders) and there were approximately 34 participants and 109 Dotee Dolls were traded. What a fun exchange that was -- I'll post photos of the dolls I receive when they arrive here in Illinois.

Once again, thank you Dot. Monique will always hold a special place in my heart.


Dot said...

OOoooh......what a lovely (and heartfelt) post Jackie! I am so pleased you like your little Monique. And that you can feel the love I put into her for you. I know she will be very happy in your home.
Thanks for writing such nice things about me and my dolls.

Sending a big hug your way!
Dot xx

The Lone Beader said...

Lucky you! This little doll is beautiful!! I'm gonna check out some more of Dot's dolls:)