Thursday, August 11, 2011

I picked up Meg's and my hats today...

August 11, 2011
Well, here they are --- and I love them --- Meg's is such a beautiful rich brown and mine a lovely black. What great hats these are --- I must admit my Black Dog tee shirt doesn't exactly match the elegance of the hat, but it was hot today --- and I am anxious to show you how lovely they turned out. Anyone in the Elgin area wanting to take a class with Jill send me an email  
(or email Jill).  I want to do another one it was so much fun.
(Click photos to enlarge)


cybergram said...

Jackie . . . I love both of those hats! They look just right on you. I'm also admiring the hats on the shelf behind your top picture. Maybe we could organize our group to make a trip to Elgin and each make a hat. I'd love to do that. Keep up the great work!!!

Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

That would be so great to have all you gals in the area - what a grand time we all would have. We can dream can't we?

Maggie R said...

Hi Jackie,
I love your hat... Looks great on you... Sounds like that was a fun time..
Thanks for sharing....
I tried wet felting but it made me so sore I never tried it anymore,,,, Am I out of shape or what!! LOL

Tournesol said...

Great hats! There's a shop near me that holds felting classes with purses, been wanting to try it too.