Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arrived at destination & Puzzle Doll Finished

This little icicle doll and embroidery scissors with beaded fob (and an angel 
charm -- be
cause Dot is such an angel) have arrived at their destination.

They made it to Dot in Australia in record time. Enjoy, Dot.

I  was able to finish Timrek.

My all green beaded 

puzzle piece doll.


Noel said...

Jackie, Timrek turned out beautiful! How did you like doing the flat doll?
Dot's a lucky gal to be receiving your gifts!

Maggie R said...

This doll is wonderful Jackie... I love everything about her.....
Your gifts to Dot will be a real treasure for her.. You do such awesome work!
Big Hugs

Dot said...

I adore my gifts my generous friend! Love, love my icicle doll and the scissors are lovely. You are so sweet to think of me as an angel. xoxoxo

And Timrek is stunning! Am sure he/she is even more beautiful up close.

Anonymous said...


Timrek is gorgeous. Simply stunning. I love the green.


Anonymous said...

Great job on Timrek, he/she would look good next to Verde!