Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, Retirement & Hobbies,

Happy Mother's Day to one and all.

I have been thinking of retirement -- we have been retired 3 years now, and what freedom retirement has brought.  I also know that if we didn't have hobbies, we would go crazy. I love my beading, sewing and children and grandchildren -- not necessarily in that order LOL. My DH has his own hobbies and that keeps him busy.                                                                                                                                                                       
In honor of Mother's Day today, I received an audio from long time friend, Joe Cerasa. Since his retirement, he has gotten recording equipment and is realizing a life long dream. 

Here is a vocal by Joe entitled:  MOTHER OF MINE   for your enjoyment. Joe says to remember he is 72 years old and the vocal cords aren't what they used to be. I think it is lovely.  
Enjoy --

Joe sings a favorite of mine AUTUMN LEAVES.


Donetta said...

This was very enjoyable. That baritone was lovely. Tell him I said so please.

Joe said...

The fact that Jackie thought enough of of my music to go through the trouble of posting some of my music on her blog was very gratifying for me.
It was so very nice of her to do that. I hope her blog visitors enjoy her efforts as well as my music.
Thank you Jackie!
Joe C.

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Yes, Donetta, Joe has a lovely voice --

You are most welcome, Joe. It is my pleasure to share your beautiful music with my friends. There are so many more on the CD you gave us -- and I will share them as time goes on. I frequently have your CD playing in the background as I blog.