Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mother Nature's Beauty

With our sub zero weather Mother Nature still gives us beauty to behold.
These photos were taken thru the frosted kitchen window this morning.The beautiful patterns are actually that -- patterns made by the frost on the window. Some look like gorgeous white ferns -- Click on the above photo so you can really appreciate the beauty.


Maggie R said...

OH MY GOSH Jackie!!!!!
Looks very cold but oh so pretty.... Stay warm((((hugs))))

The Lone Beader said...

Beautiful ice pictures! :D

Mary S said...

Jackie what amazing ice crystal photos, just beautiful! and Im in love with your dottee dolls...soooo cute.
Mary S

Donetta said...

Oh wow that is so magnificently awe inspiring! Love the dolls

beadexplorer said...

I bet the ice is glittering more than beads!!! Great! :)