Sunday, January 13, 2008

Drinking, fishing or window shopping?

Staying with 2 grandsons the past week -- came down to breakfast and look where I found their cat, Dash. Fortunately George, the Beta Fish, didn't end up as Dash's breakfast -- but he sure was thinking about it


I think I will have to go away more often -- I had such fun opening mail when I got home today.
First two items were bead orders --
The other surprise items were a note and tube of wonderful beads from friend, Diana -- thank you, Diana -- the beads are great and the colors perfect -- and a hand made Dorset Button from Gretchen from the F.A.T. Dorset Button Trade. Love it.


Noel said...

I love mail days like that too Jackie. Nice beads and button.
You have any ideas as to what your going to do with the button yet?
I bet you have a nice surprise in store for those new beads too!

The Lone Beader said...

So glad you got the beads! Have fun with them:)

Beadin' Gram said...

Noel & LB - thanks for your comments -- yes, I will have a great time using all my wonderful new beads -- but can you tell me why it is when I want to start a new project I am ALWAYS missing that "special" bead?

Gypsy said...

OOOH, beads and buttons- my fav kind of mail.
The kitty fishing is just like them-our new kitten slides around the 10 gallon tank with a lid, trying to find a place where his paw can get inside the glass-LOL!
so much fun to watch him!