Thursday, September 04, 2008

Star Wars:Clone Wars Rotta the Hutt / aka Stinky

On one of the last days before school began, had one of our younger grandsons with us for a long weekend.  I always have such a fun time with all the boys -- this time we went to the Star Wars movie: The Clone Wars.  After we came home DGS was going thru my bowl of dolls and he pulled out the “Idle Time” dolls -- said they looked (shape-wise) like baby Rotta the Hutt from the movie (hint, hint, Gram -- how about a green one with huge eyes and a big mouth) LOL --  so, to go with the Lego set for his birthday this weekend, he will also get Little Rotta (AKA Stinky) to sit on his shelf.
Baby Rotta (AKA Stinky) doesn't look a lot like himself -- but know the GS will love it anyway.  

Guess you had to see the movie to love Stinky LOL.

Here's Stinky with his travel bag all set to go live with grandson. I know he will be happy there.


Pursuing Art... said... are a sweetheart of a GRAM!!! Stinky is WAY cute and I'm sure your grandson is going to love it for his birthday! You know, he will always treasure it made something special for him that was between the two of you!

~Lisa ;-)

The Lone Beader said...

LOL!! Next can you make Slimy from Sesame Street?? LOL.

Kivett Studio said...

Lol...too cute and very imaginitive! I know your grandson will be so excited to take Stinky home.

Amy said...

He does LOVE him = Slept with Stinky last night! Love you lots,