Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Sky .... Severe Weather

Although there are tornado watch/warnings -- have had the strong wind and heavy rain -- the sky was beautiful.  Hope your monitor will show the gorgeous orange/pink colored clouds.  They were so very beautiful. Here's a couple pictures -- enjoy.


Maggie R said...

Hi Jackie,
The sky really is beautiful. If we were to paint it like that people would wonder if it was truly like that. I think being an artist we look at things differently. I must try this with my wool rovings on a fabric postcard.. Hope you are keeping safe with all this crazy weather around. We are getting it too.... UGH!!

Cotton Picker said...

Beautiful sky shots.

We had a crazy day with Mother Nature yesterday. First the earthquake and then severe weather warnings. I felt the quake after shock where I live but fortunately no tornado touched down here.