Friday, April 02, 2010

I'm Back.................. :-)

The last few weeks have been long and stressful.  Thanks to all my family and friends for words of encouragement.  Now I hope to be back to "things as usual".
(Click on photo to enlarge)
During the past month+ I have kept head and hands busy -- albeit with very simple projects -- the idea was to stay occupied with the familiar.  Here's a bit of what I did.  A few more pot holders and seven of the nine little cell phone bags -- I chose bright, cheery colors -- the bags are just large enough to hold a cell phone, driver's license, credit card -- the idea being something simple to grab on the way out the door and yet not cumbersome. There is a button on each with a loop for fastening -- just to be sure the cell phone doesn't slip out.  All of these pieces are made from 100% cotton yarn -- and each takes less 
than one ball of yarn.  


Anonymous said...

Jackie's Back ! Love the little 'phone bags, especially the turquoise. Hey, and great potholders--Mom will love the color choices. Hugs, Lynn

Jackie said...

Lynn, little did you and your Mom know what you were setting loose when you introduced me to the pot holders. They are so relaxing to make -- and the little cell phone bags are just an adaption to the same pattern. Thank you both :-)

Dotti said...

Hey there Jackie...welcome back! Cute cell phone bags!

Maggie R said...

Happy Easter Jackie..
Missed you, so glad you are back...
Love your cell phone bags and of course the dish cloths.. Nothing like 'em!!Wonderful and yes to make.
Take care