Friday, April 11, 2008

Beginning a new family ---

Today I received a lovely treat in the mail --a beautiful "Inner Child Doll" that I purchased from Pat Winter on her Etsy site Pat Winter Gatherings. Amity is a beautiful little girl and I already adore her.

Beauty, love and more -- and besides, she smells WONDERFUL. Thanks, Pat -- I love her so much I had to I purchase a buddy for her --- the lovely little Inner Child named Amber.
And here is the lovely little Amber that I adopted today -- I will be watching for her welcome arrival next week. Amber has safely arrived and she is a charmer. I love her. She is so tiny that I am going to put a pin back on her so I can wear her or pin her to my purse and she can go with me where ever I go. <>

And here is the lovely Irvetta the Mermaid that arrived today (4-17-08). She joins Amity and Amber -- and aren't they a lovely little family


The Lone Beader said...

You are building up quite a collection of these little beauties! :D

Pat Winter said...

Jackie, I am so happy Amity and Amber have found a home with you. It is funny how these little creatures take on a personality as you create them. Thank you for adopting them,I hope they bring you great pleasure.