Sunday, February 11, 2007

A little more progress -- now for the embellishments and maybe some danglies -- this is the fun part ;-)


gledwood said...

Hi Beadin' Gram I was initially attracted by your unusual name: saw you in the comments of Dan the Man's blog ... well you seem like one exceedingly practical lady ... I keep a blog too, but it's very different to yours. I'm at and you're most welcome to drop by. Meanwhile take care of yourself and all the best from

The Lone Beader said...

This piece will be so bright and happy. It already makes me smile=:)

SueUn said...

Love the Spirit Doll and the pin, so sunny on a cold winter night. I agree with your comment on the quality of beads for a project, the lower quality are not as easy to work with, but I like the irregular look for myself.

The bad Liz said...

Miss Sunshine is certainly a happy colour! After the snow this week, we need the colour! (Of course, Detroit only recieved 6 inches - not like places east of us! Yikes)

Good work - I like it.

Beadin' Gram said...

Glenwood, thanks for visiting my blog -- all our blogs being so different is what makes is such fun, right? I'll bop on over to your blog as soon as I have a minute -- grandkids here this weekend (thus Beadin' GRAM LOL).

LB - always a delight to have you visit. Hope to have this piece finished tonight after the little ones are asleep ;-)

Sueun -- thanks for the visit and nice words -- the spirit doll and pin were meant to do just that -- bring some sunshine to cold wintery days -- love your blog, by the way.

Bad Liz -- we had more snow again last night and this morning -- not bad, but this year I will be happy to see the snow leave and the sunshine take it's place. Thanks for your visit.