Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can Spring Be Far Away????????


March 2, 2007

Was able to do a couple more rounds on this piece. I love the colors -- they make me feel good ;-)

February 28, 2007

If I ever doubted that the weather has influence on what we choose to create -- well, I don't doubt it any longer after looking back through the items I have begun this winter. This Pansy brooch reflects my anticipation of Spring -- although, if I had been in a glum mood with the snow, cold, sleet, etc., it could have easily taken a different route. Hopefully, my piece with the lovely soft colors of spring reflect my hope and anticipation of time to come. This was started last night while taking a "break" from working on a crazy quilt block.


beadbabe49 said...

that's lovely...are you still trying to figure out what to put in the middle of the paisley piece?

Beadin' Gram said...

Thanks, BB -- yes,still auditioning for the Paisley center -- I'm leaning toward rust or brown shades -- maybe a couple rust/bronze nail heads with seed bead surround -- should have started in the center of this one LOL.

The Lone Beader said...

I think the weather might have an influence on colours we choose. I worked on my orange pickup truck in the fall=:)

beadexplorer said...

I love pansies! And I am convinced that the soft colours create an atmosphere spring!!!

Dianne said...

Its so lovely and does give you a wonderful feeling of spring. Its still snowing in S Ontario so I'm dreaming of spring to..