Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Gram's Craft Nest..... and coat progress

I lovingly call this little corner of my world my Craft Nest.
When I settle into the Lazy Boy and surround myself with whatever project I am working on, this is my own little piece of heaven. There I have my project and all the goodies to go with it, a cuppa whatever sounds pleasing - usually a hot tea, my iPhone and my iPad, the TV remote and/or audiobooks, and sundry other items that I just might need.  
Who could ask for anything more?
My grandson snapped the photo --  kinda different to be on the other side of a camera ;-)

The photo below is from lunch today -- met up with eight other friends -- 
We try to meet each month for brunch and visit.
We have known each other for many, many, years.  Since grade school, all 
thru high school and marriages, births, deaths, happy and sad times. 
That is what true friendship is all about.  We are very fortunate.

Below left progress on Einstein Coat
The collar has been started but after this photo was taken

If you use your imagination and can see beyond the 
threads hanging, no collar, no buttons  you will get an idea of the coat.

I started the collar last night -- and found some buttons
 I think I like --the coat looks short right now, but it actually lengthens at least a couple inches after being worn or hung -- the weight of the yarn will do the trick, I hope.  

Also it will have to be blocked -- but I think I am really going 
to like it when all is finished.  A very simple pattern --- but thousands and thousands of stitches and lots of hours so I better like it LOL.

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Maggie R said...

Dear Jackie,
Love your "Nest";-)
It is so nice to get to-gether with long time friends....
Looks like you are having a great time...
Thanks for the update..Take care