Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Favorite.........

Here are 5 more finished scarves -- the super soft yarn is a delight to work with.

I started making these cute designer scarves. Very soft and warm and colorful

Have 5 different colors to work with.

Here's a pic of how I wind it onto my yarn winder and then use it FROM THE WINDER -- since this is a really quick project there is no problem in using the winder in this manner.  The yarn pulls off easily and in lengths you want to use.  And this sure saves the frustration of having it tangle all the time.
 Hope this will help a bit.


Gypsy said...

On a scale of 1-10, ten being awesome and one being 'I am going to throw this at the wall', how do you like this yarn???

Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

For the first hour, it was "throw at the wall -- or out the door" -- after a couple erroneous starts I got the hang of it -- and it is fun to use -- tangles easily but I loaded it onto my yarn ball maker and just use it from there (it's attached to a table next to my chari) so it comes to the needles smoothly.) I still haven't gotten the hang of crocheting it -- will work on that later -- for now, I am doing OK with knitting. I'd give it a 9 for results and a 5 for user friendly. Will post photo of what I do to keep it from tangling so much.