Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun fall afternoon .....

Silky soft Alpaca toy -- and a skein of alpaca yarn. This will be the first time I have knit anything with yarn from an animal I have "met" in person. Thank you, Primrose She is a sweetie.

Grandson Drew and I had a fun afternoon checking out the local Alpaca Farms. It was a gorgeous afternoon -- sunny, cool and VERY windy. These are wonderful animals and we had such a great time visiting with all the people there. We had fun walking KING ELROND. He is just a little over a year old) on a leash. If you click on his name you will find photos of him before he was sheared. What a lovely fluff ball. The sound the Alpacas make is so soft and gentle coming from a fairly large animal. I fell in love --- now I want to learn how to card and spin and all those good things.

About Alpacas

Lifespan: 15-25 years

Adult size: 4-5 feet at the head, 30-38 inches at the shoulder, weighing 105-185 pounds

Reproduction: Gestation of 11 months -- single cria, weighing 10-17 pounds
Spinning the fur into "yarn"


Maggie R said...

Oh Jackie,
What fun.. I have a friend that raises these and she is so loving it...
You look like it was such a good time..
Thanks for sharing..

The Lone Beader said...

Super cute! I would love to visit one of those farms sometime! :)

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Oh yes, do visit an alpaca farm if you can. They are sweet, gentle animals and Drew and I had such a good time. The people who raise these gorgeous animals are like beaders -- happy to share their knowledge and delighted to just have you there.

Maggie, how I envy your friend -- wish we lived where we could have them -- but I would have a hard time selling any -- their fur, yes -- but them -- NO.