Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Beaded Doll I Hope to Make....

Well, I must be feeling better --- maybe it was the return of the Chickadees or the promise of nearly 80 degree weather by the end of the week -- or checking out Beaded Art Doll group and seeing the new challenge.  

Whatever the reason, I am all psyched up about doing the Beaded Babushka Doll. Here is Christine M's body made up -- this is a STAND ALONE (STUMP) DOLL -- meaning she should stand by herself when completed. She is to be 100% beaded -- that's a lot of beads :-)

Here is the form I made for my Babushka Doll. She is firmly stuffed and has a flat bottom with a nickel in it to help her stand. She is made with wonderful, colorful, Kaffee Fasset fabric which won't show when the beading is complete.


The Lone Beader said...

Cool doll form!

Gammie said...

Hooray, Jackie the beader is back. Love the doll form. I have three of them made up in all three sizes, but haven't started any of them. I need a kick in the butt to start some of my projects.