Monday, July 28, 2008

Pollyanna and her little blue pool

Life has been so crazy lately that today was the first time I had a chance to put Polly's little blue pool out.

What a great time she has playing in the water.

Thought you might enjoy a couple photos of her. Munchkin, the Pug, stays as far from water as she can LOL.


Amy said...

too fun!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Ah yes, even a little pool is better than none LOL.

Anonymous said...

Pollyanna looks like she is having fun. I could use a dip in the pool today. It is 86 here and humid.


Dot said...

Oh - I love these photo's Jacky! Pollyanna looks like she loves the water. If I was there I would jump in there with her :)

Dot said...

P.S I think of you every time I use the lovely embroidery scissors you gave me. And I use them every day xoxo

Anonymous said...

cute pics gram