Sunday, March 25, 2007

Teeny Tiny Easter Basket & 14 Thumbs

Have you seen BeadBabe's gorgeous little baskets? If not, be sure to click here to take a look. I just love them and thought I would take a try at doing one ---- well, did you know I suddenly have 14 thumbs???? Really, I do!!! Here is my beginnings of a little Easter Basket (thus the pastel colors). I will finish this one, but unless I can get control of my 14 thumbs and 8 other digits, this may well be my last one. The base of this little basket is under 1/2 inch in diameter. BB, how do you do it and keep all the rounds so nice and tight and even?

March 27, 2007
This little basket is finished -- but it is so tiny my camera won't take a clear photo of it. Will have to wait until someone can get a picture of it for me. It is really sweet -- so was a fun venture in something I hadn't tried before.


beadbabe49 said...

your spring basket is darling...and it's thread tension that is the secret...has to be very snug but not tooo tight! (and 16 years of experience has to pay off, ya know!)
make a few more...they get easier!

Dianne said...

Hey your looks good to me, bt I sure can relate, I always am all thumbs while trying to bead, I don't find it easy to do.. Yours will be great when you finish it..
BB also had trouble doing them, and I think she used different size beads, not sure but from my eye it looks like it..