Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let the snow come........

A large package of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn came in the mail today.
That added to the others already awaiting a turn on the needles makes a lovely photo.
Moda Dea evidentially is no longer being made, so a trip to eBay brought some much desired yarn.
The snow can come --- I am set for a long time --- with some lovely yarn to brighten 
any dreary day that may come.  With all the lovely colors, I am most anxious to try out the Moda Dea "Stormy" which is black gray white and all variations between. 
That one goes on the needles tonight.

Click on photo to enlarge

A selection of yarns for socks and scarves -- a couple pair of socks finished.

Below:  I was able to get a good start on a new sock
Moda Dea "Stormy"

Friday, November 09, 2012

Another fun knitting project ---
Toe up socks -- these are finished except for the ribbing on the second sock.
Also finished a prayer shawl -- knit one -- and working on other UFO's
Will post photos when I get a couple more of them done.
In the meantime, here is the pair I will finish this afternoon.
Love the cheerful colors -- it is a gray, dreary, day and the bright colors sure help.
Knit with Moda Dea yarn - Polo colorway - #7 needles -- Magic Loop

Hitty Grace' new knit dress finished in time for the cool weather.
Fun little dress to knit.

Hitty Grace

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hitty Grace Carver Identified & Dress Fitting

WOW - I am so happy - first, I decided the dress I am knitting in the Knit A Long needed a fitting and am so happy to see this should fit this doll very well --- and, second found her makers signature when I removed her clothing. I can't believe 11 years have slipped by so fast. My Hittys have been packed away far too long and now every day is a new discovery with them. They have forgiven me and understand life gets in the way sometimes. Even good ways.
She is marked on her right thigh:
G & C Lehmer
01/01 #34

Meet Hitty Grace

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Knit A Long for Hitty

On one of the Travel Doll (Hitty) sites, there is an ongoing Knit A Long for a charming dress for Hitty.  The pattern is from a very old Workbasket Magazine.  Fun to do, and when doing in a Knit A Long, the incentive is always there to finish.  Here is a picture of Hitty Grace helping out with the dress. If you are interested in the travel doll, go to THIS SITE (Click here).  

Hitty Grace is one of five sisters hoping for their very own knit dress.
The sisters are, Hitty Minnie, Hitty Grace, Hitty Emma, Hitty Tillie and Hitty Marie.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steph's  visit from California prompted two musical get togethers
On Sunday there were 14 of us (plus Munchkin and Daisy)

Amy kindly made her wonderful soup, Lisa the salad, Sharry brought Aunt Marilyn cookies and we all brought love and happiness.

On Wednesday there were 6 more to add to the musical mix
These impromptu get togethers make the best memories of all.

On Thursday we drove to Chicago to meet with Amy for dinner and the theater.
We had a delightful meal at Mity Nice at Water Tower Place and then to 
the theater there to see the musical production of "I Love Lucy".  What fun that was.  Even my Little Hitty went with,Since there are no photos allowed inside the theater, she hid in my purse and had her photo taken later with the PlayBill.  
It was such a lovely evening with my two daughters.  
Bill joined us for dinner and then enjoyed the City while we enjoyed the play.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hitty again...................

After a very long time, my little traveling dolls are out from their trunks and glass doored cases and having fun traveling around in my purse.  The Halloween photos are this year as is the photo of Little Hitty sitting on my knitted sock in progress.   The other two are from a long time ago --  I think it will be fun to share everyday adventures with Little Hitty once again.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Daisy Being Cute

Daisy laying across my lap for her morning massage.
When I stopped a second to take the photo,
check out the look she gave me (bottom photo)
Think maybe she is spoiled a bit :-)

It has been a long time since I posted -- so here are several "catch-up" photos.
Will try to do better in the future.

Above -- our wonderful Polly
We lost her in July

Colin's 8th grade graduation

Along with Jeff, the younger grandsons and I went to see Andre Rieu on stage.
Here were are dancing to his music.

Polly with snow on her face


Amy & Jeff

Christmas eve morning with the boys

Steph & I in Las Vegas in April

With Steph outside Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas in April

Easter in Chicago 2012

Family musical get together

Sweet Daisy came to live with us in August 2012
Such a gentle, calm girl

Daisy and Munchkin taking a nap

Las Fuentes

Christmas 2011

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Gram's Craft Nest..... and coat progress

I lovingly call this little corner of my world my Craft Nest.
When I settle into the Lazy Boy and surround myself with whatever project I am working on, this is my own little piece of heaven. There I have my project and all the goodies to go with it, a cuppa whatever sounds pleasing - usually a hot tea, my iPhone and my iPad, the TV remote and/or audiobooks, and sundry other items that I just might need.  
Who could ask for anything more?
My grandson snapped the photo --  kinda different to be on the other side of a camera ;-)

The photo below is from lunch today -- met up with eight other friends -- 
We try to meet each month for brunch and visit.
We have known each other for many, many, years.  Since grade school, all 
thru high school and marriages, births, deaths, happy and sad times. 
That is what true friendship is all about.  We are very fortunate.

Below left progress on Einstein Coat
The collar has been started but after this photo was taken

If you use your imagination and can see beyond the 
threads hanging, no collar, no buttons  you will get an idea of the coat.

I started the collar last night -- and found some buttons
 I think I like --the coat looks short right now, but it actually lengthens at least a couple inches after being worn or hung -- the weight of the yarn will do the trick, I hope.  

Also it will have to be blocked -- but I think I am really going 
to like it when all is finished.  A very simple pattern --- but thousands and thousands of stitches and lots of hours so I better like it LOL.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Einstein coat getting there.....

Shouldn't be too much longer until I get the Einstein Coat finished.
Right now is is a little shorter than I wanted, but the weight of the coat will add 
at least a couple more inches in length to the coat in no time at all.
Now to find buttons, add the collar and seam the sleeves. This is one of those items that 
photos don't do justice to.  It is really pretty nice and I love the tweedy look.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delightful gift.... crafted tote bag

Click on the photos to enlarge - then you can see the stitching

Just have to share photos of the delightful gift I received today.
This charming tote bag is made from old magazine pages sewn into the tote you see.
Lisa, my niece, made this one for me --- and see how personal she made it.
This side shows a sweater -- with felted pins on it. (I presume this was from an article on 
how to make felted pins from old sweaters).  The lovely matching pin attached to the handle was made by another talented niece, Lisa's sister Cindy.
The reverse of the bag is so appropriate -- socks in progress and part of an article written by Rachael Herron, a knitter and 911 dispatcher entitled:  Life's A Stitch -- it begins like this:
"When you deal with life-or-death situations every day, two needles and a ball of yarn have a way of providing the comfort you you crave".  I would like to read the whole article -- the part I can read is very touching.  Will check it out online or at the library -- Ladie's Home Journal, 
September 2011. The two ends are also "Aunt Jackie" directed. 
Lisa and Cindy -- you made my day. Thank you both so very much. I love it.
Just went on a search for the article and found a wonderful audio of it.
Click this link to hear the article.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love these

It has been several months since I have regularly posted to this blog.  I just had to share these delightful yarn bowls with you.  They really work very well. Enjoy.

A few weeks ago I purchased a lovely yarn bowl at Sister Arts Studio in Chicago the bowls were potted by  Todd Pletcher Pottery. Love the piece and also how wonderfully it works in gently allowing the yarn to flow from the ball in the bowl to the clicking needles.

My next trip to Chicago I picked one up for a friend as she wants it as a gift for her daughter in law. I think I will keep the bluer one for myself.

Then I came across this beautiful one made by KIM BERGER for sale on Etsy. "Had" to have it. Oh, oh, I feel a new collection starting.